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The Deer Feeder Solution

Patented Nozzle

The All New Way To Feed Deer

The No Bull Feeder has 6 nozzles for the deer to eat out of.  This accommodates many deer at one time.  The No Bull team has discovered that deer like to use the circular feeder and 6 ports to communicate with other deer.  They leave their scent behind for the next deer to smell. We have noted that many times they will make a full circle of smelling before they eat from the nozzles. Also, the No Bull team is currently testing in wild hog infested areas and is proving to stand up against wild hogs. 

The No Bull Deer Feeder

The No Bull Deer Feeder is easy to assemble and easy to move.  The feeder holds 300 LBS of corn or other feed or supplement of choice.  No ladder needed, the feeder is a stand and fill. The tub is rotomolded for strength. All metal is zinc coated to prevent rust.  Each nozzle comes with a critter shield that deters unwanted animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and crows.